Kenai / Cooper Landing Sightseeing Tours and Activities


The Kenai Peninsula is a fascinating region. It has a rich human and natural history and a complex ecosystem of animal and plant life. It offers some of the most accessible wilderness adventures in Alaska. There are multiday hikes through the snow-capped Kenai Mountains and mind-blowing paddles through glaciated fjords. You'll camp on never-seen-before lost coves in remote corners of Kachemak Bay State Park, and battle some of the biggest fish around. And in every forgotten corner you'll be close to the natural world, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers and the people that make Alaska wild

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SKE1001 Salmon Fishing Trip on Kenai & Russian River

Join our guided fishing trip on the world-famous Kenai River for salmon or trout - whether you're a novice or an avid angler. King Salmon are the largest of all species of Salmon, and it just so happens that the King Salmon entering the Kenai River are among the largest genetic strain of King Salmon in the WORLD! This means that there is always the possibility of catching the next world record, however, your chances of hooking into a fish in the 40, 50 or even 60 lb are greater than any river or area in the pacific north west. When a King bites you know it! The rod nearly snaps in half, and the force of that fish pulling on the line can make it seem nearly impossible to hold onto!
Daily from May – September | Price $265.00

SKE1002 Six Mile Creek Whitewater Rafting Trip

For those seeking a bit of adrenalin pushing adventure, join us for the fun-filled day of exploration into the unspoiled Alaska wilderness that most travelers never see. Prepare to get wet as this pristine river runs thru three consecutive canyons; each more beautiful and more challenging than the last, with narrow routes, steep drops, beautiful pools and adrenaline pumping rapids all in a gorgeous semi-rain forest. Choose between two options: the two and half hour 2-canyon run with predominately class IV rapids or the four hour 3-canyon run which includes class V rapids; both offer hands-on participation in full paddle-boats or paddle-assist for increased maneuverability and power.
Daily from May – September | Price: $165.00

SKE1003 Bear Viewing Tour to Katmai Coast / Lake Clark

Your day tour starts with a spectacular floatplane flight across Cook Inlet. We pass Cape Douglas, a group of volcanic mountains which protrude into the mouth of Cook Inlet. We land at the mouth of a river that flows out of a large tidal area. In the early summer, the bears migrate to the coast for the mating season and feed on fresh, juicy sea grasses that sprout in the spring. It is not unusual to see 35 to 40 bears at one time and they can be as close as 50 yards. The Katmai coast is a very scenic place with great opportunities to take photos with 7,000 ft. snow covered mountain peaks as a backdrop.
Daily from May – September | Price:$480.00