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Our Prince William Sound Cruise and Sea Kayaking Tours are featuring excellent wildlife viewing, magnificent scenery and calving tidewater glacier. Accessed from Whittier, Alaska, 60-miles (96.6 km) south of Anchorage, Prince William Sound is the more protected area with generally calmer seas. In fact, one tour company operating a catamaran in the Sound guarantees no seasickness upon a money-back return. The appeal of this cruise is mainly glaciers. Wildlife is often encountered such as sea otters, whales, sea birds and seals basking on floating icebergs, but it’s the incredible number of alpine, cirque, piedmont and active tidewater glaciers that are the most impressive aspect of these tours.

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SWH1001 Prince William Sound Glacier Cruise

Prince William Sound is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled wildernesses in the world. Majestic blue glaciers explode into its calm fjords. Humpback, killer, Minke, and Gray whales rise from dark waters, surface and spray with clouds of breath into the clear Alaskan air. Seals, Stellar sea lions, and otters sun themselves on frozen rafts of ice. Visit. Blackstone Bay with the massive 1700 ft towering Blackstone and Beloit Glacier, Experience the results of the rapid calving of a glacier in retreat. A forest service ranger provides first-hand information on every trip.
Departure 12:30 PM | Return 5:30 PM | Price: $165.00

SWH1002 Blackstone Bay Glacier Quest Cruise

The Glacier Quest Catamaran is your quickest way to see the massive tidewater glaciers of Alaska at Blackstone Bay and Beloit Glacier - some of the most amazing sights you will ever see. Cruise along Passage Canal and venture into magnificent Blackstone Bay, home to seven glaciers and Yosemite-scale waterfalls. Your captain and the US Forest Service ranger will point out the sites along the way. Watch for playful sea otters, harbor seals, kittiwakes, bears, whales or mountain goats. Cruise to the face of two active tidewater glacier and view spectacular alpine glacier and waterfalls while cruising through the calm waters of Prince William Sound
Departure 1:00 PM | Return 4:45 PM | Price: $120.00