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Why Take An Alaska Vacation

Why Take an Alaska Vacation


Pristine & Wilderness are the two words that can be used to start describing Alaska. Alaska is likely to make its first dramatic impression on you from its sheer size be it the actual size of the state or the tallest peak, Denali or very large National Parks and Reserves and the list goes on!

From Northern Lights dancing across Alaskan skies to crystal clear lakes and a skyline of mountains, Alaska is an incredible escape from reality. With more than 3,000 rivers, 100,000 glaciers, 3 million lakes, and over 34,000 miles of coastline, it’s a haven for explorers and nature lovers.

Wildlife in Alaska is fascinating, especially when you are used to a concrete jungle, rather than miles of untouched forest. Don’t be alarmed when you pass by a bear, or see a moose casually sauntering down the street in Anchorage. To top it all off, Alaska has the coolest state sport possible, dog mushing! Watch the sport, take part in it yourself, or just use it is an excuse to hang out with a bunch of adorable huskies.

Go sea kayaking in southeast Alaska while taking in spectacular views of glaciers and mountains. On a glacier cruise, you may see a pod of humpback whales breaching in the distance, or on a bear viewing tour a bear catching his next meal. Take a floatplane or helicopter ride for a unique experience and breathtaking aerial views. There are a cornucopia of other activities too, such as skiing, hiking, rock-climbing, snowshoeing, and mountain biking. If none of those are your thing, spend your time relaxing in hot springs and take advantage of the tax-free shopping.

So what’s the hardest part about spending time in Alaska? The obvious part is given the vastness and variety on offer, how to get the best out of the vacation in given number of days. Once you make a perfect plan, no matter how many days it is, Alaska, most probably will exceed your imagination!